Few raw materials that demonstrate how China jails Muslims in Xinjiang only because they practice Islam and consider themselves Turkic Muslim

These videos need no comment!

They are filmed in August 2019 by journalists from Turkey, Albania, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhistan, Japan and Afghanistan who witnessed the conditions of Muslim prisoners in China’s ‘Vocational Training Centers’ in Xinjiang. These journalists were paid and invited by China to reveal to the world the situation of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Before visiting Xinjiang they had a very positive attitude towards China.

As it can be seen by the videos and declarations of the ‘thought police teachers’ who de-islamize the Muslim prisoners, these Turkic Muslims are considered to be ‘extremists’ and ‘radicals’ by the Chinese government. Their crimes include:

Consuming Halal – Kosher food and life.

Praying to Allah.

Performing Muslim marriages acts.

Reading about the Quran and Islam.

Considering CCP members not true Muslims.

Writing on the internet that a true Muslim must pray 5 times per day. etc

For these ‘crimes’ thousand of Uyghur and Turkic Muslims have been declared extremists and terrorists by the Chinese government and have been jailed for more than 2 years in these deislamization camps. Muslims are forced to renounce Islam and their Turkic language and forced to believe in the CCP and Xi Jinping as their saviours. They are forced to learn and speak Chinese if they hope for their release one day. People who refuse to renounce Islam and speak Chinese end up in jails where they serve long term prison sentence. In many occasions Chinese officials refuse to answer questions of foreign journalists and respond to their shock when they see how Islam and Turkism is considered a crime in China.

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